Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

PevSoft Trainz Tools

Welcome to the PEVSoft Trainz Tools page!

The tools on this page have all been made (unless otherwise specified) by PEV (Peter Villaume) who holds the copyright for these tools.

Click a link below to get more information about the tool in question, as well as a download link.

Thanks to PEV, all the tools are available from this site. This also includes AssetX in memory of andi06.

Any queries/problems with these tools should be posted in the Trainz Discussion Forums where PEV or another member can help out.

Note - these tools are for Windows users only. They will not work on another operating system.

Important - with the exception of AssetX, these tools will not update the config.txt file for the asset. This must be done manually in order for the changes to take effect and to prevent errors.

Also be aware that some meshes do not render correctly in these tools due to an issue with INFL chunk-based animations (3DS Max/TrainzMeshImporter). Due to lack of documentation, this is unlikely to change. Gmax, Blender, and Sketchup/RubyTMIX content should not be affected.

Important information regarding other sites
Be aware that there are other software download sites that are hosting the same tools that should not be doing so. In some cases, extra code has been added which may be adware/spyware.

The only official places to get the PEVSoft tools are either here on this site or on PEV's site at Downloading the tools from any other source apart from here or PEV's site could lead to unexpected effects, including the installation of adware/spyware.

         Aside: If you clicked Peter's link above, you will find that it NOW redirects you back to this page. Those other sites don't won't and can't! Point, set, and match! This is your one stop shop for PEVsoft tools."

Tool List
Note that if a tutorial is available, it will be listed on the appropriate tool page - this applies to Quickshadows, Images2TGA, PM2IM and Attachment Maker. These tutorials are reprints of those that were in the Trainz Resources Directory by John King.

Note (5th November 2013) - The installers have been updated for all the tools apart from Asset-X to correct a permissions issue.

Trainz Mesh Viewer 2
Train Swayer Utility
Attachment Maker

Acknowledgements and thanks
PEV acknowledges/thanks the following:
Ian Woodmore (ianwoodmore) - Beta Testing (Ian Woodmore has also created the TARDIS scripts for Asset-X)
Andi Smith (andi06) - Coding Guidance (Andi Smith is also the main coder for AssetX alongside PEV)
Other community members - Beta testing, suggestions, and ideas,

I personally thank PEV for allowing me to do this.

If there are any typographical errors, or incorrect information, please let me know through the Trainz Discussion Forums.

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