Jun 18, 2013
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Patch Links for TS2009/TS2010/TS12

This page is where you can get patches for TS2009, TS2010,TS12, and certain addon packs. The links provided are for the N3V supplied versions, unless otherwise stated. The files are not hosted on this site - you will be downloading from the relevant website. I am simply providing links to the relevant patches. If you want to find out what changes are in each patch, see (Note, that the majority of patches shown there are included on this site)

 If your build number is not listed, you will need to post in the forums. Note that for Steam versions, your patch will be supplied by Steam as an automatic update. I do not have links for foreign versions of Trainz available - send me a PM via the forums if you have such a link available. Please include the build it's from, and the build it will update to. To continue, please select the version you are looking for patches for:

TS2009 (Trainz Simulator 2009) (All N3V supplied versions, and the Just Trains version)

TS2010 (Trainz Simulator 2010) (All N3V supplied versions, and the Just Trains version via a seperate link)

TS12 (Trainz Simulator 12) (All N3V supplied versions and the Just Trains version)

Addon Pack Patches (Settle and Carlisle, Murchinson 2, Classic Cabon City and Treez)

Note: If your edition is from Steam, you will not find a patch here, or on N3V's site. You must install any patches via the Steam client as and when they become available.

Warning -  if your Windows username contains non-english characters, the patching will fail.

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