Jun 18, 2013
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TS12 Patches


In TS12, all the patches are hotfixes, and as a result are small. You will need to install the patches in order, starting from your build number. 

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Starter, Basic, or Home Premium) both Trainz and the patch must be run as administrator. See the Run as Administrator page for details.

   Build 46957

Download the 46957 to 48249 patch.

Build 47059

Download the 47059 to 48249 patch.

Build 47452

Download the 47452 to 48249 patch.

Build 47772

Download the 47772 to 48249 patch.

Build 48249

Download the 48249 to 49922 patch.

Build 49922

Download the 49922 to  57720 patch (Warning: patch is 1.76GB in size)

Build 57720
Download the 57720 to 57825 patch

Build 57825
Download the 57825 to 57898 patch

Build 57898
Download the 57898 to 58414 patch

Build 58414
Download the 58414 to 61388 patch

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