Jun 18, 2013
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Content Manager Settings - The various Tabs

This page will detail the various settings in the Content Manager Settings box, along with screenshots.

Archives tab

This tab is for managing Content Manager Archive files. To add an existing archive reference, click Add, then browse to the .CMPA file.

To update an existing archive reference, click Update - you will probably have to browse to the .CMPA file.

To remove an archive reference from the list, click it, then click Remove.

Filters tab

This tab is to manage the tabs(filters) at the top of the Content Manager window. Note that you can only modify existing ones here - to add new ones, use the Save button on the Search panel.

To reset the filters to default, click Reset to Default. This will remove any custom filters.

To delete a custom filter,click it, then click Delete.

Internet Tab

This tab is where the internet-related settings for Content Manager are set.

Planet Auran Username and Password - these two boxes are where you enter your Planet Auran login details if you have not already done so.

User ID - This will display your Planet Auran User ID. Note that in most circumstances, this will vary from your Forum User ID.

First Class Ticket Status - This will display the status of your First Class Ticket if you have one, along with a button that will take you to the Planet Auran site to buy a new one.

Proxy Settings - Most of the time, this should be set to Use Internet Explorer Settings or No Proxy Server. Only use Manual Proxy Settings if you are using a proxy server and do not have the details present in Internet Explorer.

Miscellaneous tab


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