Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

System Info Utility (PC Information Application)

On this page you can download my utility that will give you information on the parts of your system that are crucial for Trainz.

The only part of the information not shown is the OpenGL version, which can be gathered from the TrainzDiag tool in later versions of Trainz.

This tool should run OK without needing to run as administrator (apart from the Patch Finder feature, which requires that the tool is run as administrator).

System Requirements

System Requirements:

.NET Framework 2.0

Windows 2000 or later

Please note that the DirectX version it identifies is the one that was installed last. See for the relevant version numbers that are generated by this tool.

If there are any issues, please contact me via the Auran Forums.

Also note that SmartScreen Filter may attempt to block this application if you choose to run it directly. It has been tested and virus checked, and found to be clean - please click Actions, followed by Run Program.

Download Links

Current Version

The current version is Version 2.1: Click here to download this version (includes Patch Finder)

 Previous Versions

Standard version (Version 1) - Click here to download this version.

Clickonce version (Version 1C) - Click here for the Clickonce version. 

Version 2 - click here to download this version of the tool (which includes Patch Finder)  


Any enquiries/problems/suggestions etc? The thread related to this program on the Trainz Discussion Forums is at

 Note - to use the Patch Finder in Windows Vista and 7, the tool must be run as administrator.



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