Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

Asset Management - Opening for Edit and Committing

To open an asset for edit, right-click the asset, then select Edit, followed by one of the following:

  • Open for Edit - this opens the asset for edit, but does not do anything with it.
  • Edit in Explorer - this will do the same as above, but will also open Windows Explorer to display the contents of the folder - this option is the best one to use if you need to modify the contents of an asset.
  • Edit in Content Creator Plus - this will open the asset in Content Creator Plus so the asset's configuration can be modified. Be aware that this method will also change the build number on the asset.
  • Edit Script - This option will open the asset's script (if it has one) in Notepad.

Committing/Reverting Assets
Assets with the  icon will need to be either committed or reverted. Normally you want to commit changes, but if you have opened an item in error, or if you have opened a locked asset (one with a small circle-with-line-through icon) use the Revert option. 

To commit an asset, you will need to use the same menu as opening an asset for edit, but this time, click Commit.

To revert an asset, use the same menu that is mentioned above, then select one of the following two options:

  • Revert - this reverts an asset to the version when it was last opened for edit.
  • Revert to Original - for Builtin items, this option will revert the asset to the version as supplied by Auran/N3V.