Jun 18, 2013
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Merging Tutorial

Versions: Most versions, apart from where otherwise stated.

Welcome to my merging tutorial!

It is in steps. All images are 1366 x 768 - on smaller screens you may need to scroll the page to the right. The screenshot is below the instruction unless otherwise indicated.
TS12 pre-SP1 Users - If you merge two large routes together, Trainz will crash. This is a known issue, and will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming SP1 patch.

TS12 SP1 Users - I have been informed of a bug that will affect the last few stages of this tutorial. Details are on the Trainz Discussion Forums at!!!!

1. In Surveyor, click the main menu (the name varies by version), then click Merge Route.

2. In the next box, select the route you wish to merge with the current route, then click the tick icon.

3. On the next box, click the arrows at the bottom to select where you want to place the merged route - make sure that none of the map appears red (unless you've painted an area red) 
Note: in TS2009 SP4/TS2010/TS12, this box has two tabs - both will need to be used in order to complete the merge.

If you have TS2009 SP3 or earlier (or an earlier version than TS2009), you are now complete - simply click the tick icon to complete the merge. The next 4 steps are for TS2009 SP4 and later versions only.
4. Click the tab shown in red.
5. Unless you have been lucky, you will have two route-layers and one session-layer (see screenshot) - click the second route-layer entry (shown in red) then click the third icon across at the bottom of the box (between the two X icons), then proceed to step 6

6. Another box will appear (see screenshot) - make sure route-layer is selected, then click the tick icon.

7. If you have followed the above correctly, you should have a similar screenshot to the one below - if this is the case, click the tick icon to complete the merge.

Comments? Visit my discussion thread for this at