Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

Addon Pack Patches

The patches on this page are for the addon packs. To identify if you need one of these, click Options on the Launcher, then make a note of the build number next to the addon pack in question. These patches are compatible with TS2009 (SP2/3 or later),TS2010, or TS12. The addon pack needs to be installed to use this patch.

 Settle and Carlisle Patch

 Download the 40836 to 41903 patch. (Settle and Carlisle only)

Murchinson 2 Patch

Download the 40761 to 41866 patch. (Murchinson 2 only)

Classic Cabon City Patch

 Download the 40355 to 41866 patch. (Classic Cabon City only)

 Treez Patch

 Download the 40563 to 41866 patch. (Treez addon pack only)

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