Jun 18, 2013
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This tool allows the quick and easy creation of shadow meshes for assets that require it, based on the size of the parent object.

There are 4 different shadow types:

 Simple Shadow - This is a rolling-stock only option, which creates a low-poly shadow using the billboarding technique.
 Low Poly Shadow - This creates a low poly shadow using the progressive mesh collapsing technique.
 Rectangular Box Shadow - This creates a box shadow based on the size of the parent mesh.
 Full Shadow - This creates a full shadow based on the parent mesh without poly reduction.


Uses TrainzMeshImporter to create the Indexed Mesh (.IM) file
Can be run directly from Content Manager using the Open With option (note - the program needs to be run from it's shortcut at least once to enable this)
Multiple Language support and European Number Formatting included

The current version of this tool is 1.19, released on the 29th of March 2015.

To download this tool, click here,

Previous Versions
Version 1.18 - download from here.

Additional Tools

To use this tool to it's full extent, the following PEVSoft tool is required:

Trainz Mesh Viewer 2


The tutorial for Quickshadows can be found here (PDF file, requires Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, or a browser that can open PDF files directly)

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