Jun 18, 2013
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How to uninstall Trainz using Revo Uninstaller

Applicable Versions: ALL

This page will describe how to remove the Trainz software using a third-party tool called Revo Uninstaller.

Please note that Revo Uninstaller will need to be run as administrator if using Windows Vista or 7.

WARNING: If you are intending to reinstall Trainz, you must back up any content you wish to keep to a safe place before following this process.

Also note that during the process, if you have more than one version of Trainz installed, you will need to check the selected items carefully on step 9 (as you will need to tick the selected items individually unless you are certain that it is not removing parts from other Trainz versions)

The process is as follows:

1.Download Revo Uninstaller from Be aware that there is a free and a paid for edition - the free edition should be able to remove Trainz fine.

2.Once installed, run the program, then wait for the screen to be populated.

3. Once this has been done, locate your version of Trainz in that screen, then click Uninstall.

4. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to uninstall the program

5. The first screen will ask you to select an uninstall mode. The default is Moderate - I personally use the Advanced option as it normally clears out all parts of the software. Once an option is chosen, click Next.

6.At this point the program will create a System Restore point. Once this is done, it will analyse the program's data before removing it.

7.Once this has been done, the normal uninstaller will appear. Do not worry if it says it cannot remove it due to a corrupt unins000.dat file or similar, as Revo can still remove it. Follow the uninstaller through to either the end or as far as it will let you.

8.Once this is done, a Next button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click this to start the leftover scanning process.

9.At the next two screens, you will need to click Select All, followed by Delete (you will need to confirm this), then Next.

10. Once this is done, the removal is complete. Click the Finish or Done button to finish the process.