Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...


This tool can be used to convert progressive meshes (.PM) into Indexed Meshes (.IM).


Trawling support - when run from Content Manager, it can convert several .PM files into .IM files. (Note - the program will need to be run at least once outside of Content Manager in order to enable this)

Removing of unsupported textures - this can be done by opening an .IM file (Note: This can only be done if Open IM files is ticked in the Options menu, and PM2IM is run from a desktop/start menu shortcut)

Specular adjustment - this can be used in both modes, and can help sort the 'incorrect shiny asset' effect.

Alternative Language Support

AssetX support - program can be launched from AssetX either using the Tools menu option or through an AssetX script.

TS12 support

The current version of this program is 2.06, released on the 29th of March 2015.

This program can be downloaded from here

Version 1.23 - this is available here.
Warning - version 1.23 is only for those who have assets that cannot be repaired using 2.05, as it may corrupt meshes that contain animation (INFL Chunk) although SKEL based animations should not be affected. Use with caution, as neither me or PEV will be able to provide support if something goes wrong when using version 1.23 that results in a corrupt mesh.
Version 2.05 - this is available here

Additional Tools

This program does not require any additional tools.


The tutorial for PM2IM can be found here. (PDF file - requires Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, or a browser that can open PDF files directly)
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