Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

TS2009 Patches

TS2009 Patches

Please be aware that not every single patch link may be present here, as I have only included the patches to take you to the highest build possible from that build. To download a patch, click the relevant Download link (which will be the word 'Download') Please select the required page from the ones shown below:

 Patches to update to SP2 (build 40040)

(patches for builds 37625,38017,38285,38411,38869 and 39979 to update to build 40040)

 Patches to update to SP3 (build 41844)

(patches for builds 39176,40040,40357,40542,40702,40762,40837,40895,41497,41546 and 41590)

 Patch to update to SP4 (build 44653)

(patch for build 41844 only).

Got the Easy Computing version?

The 38824 to 41497 patch is available under the Patches to update to SP2 page, then the 41497 to 41844 patch is under the Patches to update to SP3 page.