Jun 18, 2013
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Importing Content - The Different Methods

There are several methods of importing content into Content Manager. I will detail each of them below.

Import Content (File menu) - This can be used to import an asset folder when the asset is not a .cdp file. Most ofthe time, this is used in the following circumstances:

  • Importing content from .ZIP or .RAR files (once extracted)
  • Importing content from previous versions of Trainz into a later version.

Import CDP (File menu) - This is used to import one or more .cdp files into Content Manager. This is used to install assets from non-Download Station sites.

Copying Built-in files from an earlier version

 If it's TRS2006 or later, use the following instructions:

1.Copy the builtins (the .ja files) from the Builtin folder of the version you are importing from to a temporary folder.

2.Rename the .ja files (the ones in the temporary folder) so that they do not conflict with the builtin files of the version you are importing into - a way of doing this is to add trainzversion_ at the start of each filename.

Note: You do not need to rename them if you are importing into TS12. 

3.Move the renamed .ja files into the Builtin folder of the version you are importing into.Usually this is in <trainz install folder>/Builtin.

4.Add the serial number of the version you are importing into the Trainz Options box of the version you are importing into. (click Options on the Launcher to access this)

 5.Run an extended database repair in Content Manager. This will add the builtins into the version you are importing into.

If you wish to include non-built in content from the earlier version, you can use the Import Content feature. Below are the relevant folders you need to import:

UTC/TRS2004: World/Custom and World/Dispatcher/Downloads.

TRS2006,TC,TS2009 SP1/2/3: Local

TS2009 SP4/TS2010: Userdata/Original followed by Userdata/Local.

To use the Import Content feature:

1.In Content Manager, click File, then Import Content.

2.Select the relevant folder(s) mentioned above - if there is more than one folder mentioned, you will need to re-run Import Content for each folder.