Jun 18, 2013
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Trainz: A New Era Kickstarter

Some of you will be aware, some of you may not be aware.

N3V Games has started a Kickstarter project for Trainz: A New Era to make it a reality and make it the best simulator possible.

Please pledge what you can to make the project a success, no matter how large or small (the minimum pledge is $5 AUD, the maximum pledge is $10,000 - the highest reward level is $8,000)

Be aware that only credit cards are accepted (no Paypal), but certain debit cards (mainly Visa) are being accepted subject to there being enough funds in the account, and the card being allowed to make payments to an overseas company in Australian Dollars (if you are not in Australia)

All details regarding the project can be found using the following two links.

See the widget below for details on how the Trainz: A New Era Kickstarter project is progressing.

Important Links

Kickstarter project page -

Kickstarter forum on N3V's Trainz Forums -

For those who missed the Kickstarter closing date, pledging is still possible via the Paypal method. Visit to do this.
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