Jun 18, 2013
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Black/Multicolour Textures issue

Updated: This proceedure should also work if you have multicolour textures as well.

Applicable Versions: TS2009,TS2010, TS12

The best way of dealing with this issue is:

Disabling the Hardware Compression

1.Open Content Manager.

2.Click File, then Settings.

3.Click Miscellaneous.

You should have a box looking the same or similar to this:

4.Click in the box labelled 'enable hardware accelerated texture compression' (highlighted with a red box in the screenshot above), to remove the tick.

5.Click Save.

Repairing the assets

To repair the assets:

1.Search for Location:Local, Built-In=false (see the image below)

2.Right click in the results list and click Select All.

3. Right-click in the results list and click Open for Edit (this is in the Edit submenu).

4.Right-click the results list again, then select Edit followed by Commit.

 An alternative to steps 3 and 4 is to delete the affected content and redownload it. This must be done if you are using the content for Multiplayer in TS2010 SP4 or TS12.