Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...


This tool can be used to convert bitmaps (.bmp), JPEG files (.jpg) and .texture files to TGA and the corresponding .texture.txt file)

Can be run from a desktop shortcut or using Content Manager. (Note: To be able to run it through Content Manager, it must be run at least once through a shortcut in order to set up the OpenWith macros)
Can process either one or many files depending on how it is launched
Trawling mode for processing many image files (only when running it via Content Manager or a specially designed shortcut)
AssetX support - can be run through AssetX's Tools menu or through the scripting features (includes -close switch for this purpose)
Supports TS12 textures and Open With menu
Uniform Colour correction available
Normal map filter to allow bump maps to be converted to normal maps
Can launch external graphics editor tools to allow editing of the image
Shows alpha image (and has a feature to merge alpha image)
Right-click menu for common image-related tasks

NOTE: This program is not to be used for converting asset screenshots (the 240 x 180 ones) to TGA  - the program will prevent attempts to do so. 

This tool is a replacement for Texture2TGA as included with TS2009 or later. A console (command-line) version is available in the Additional Tools section.

Current version of this tool is 1.34, released on the 13th of August 2016. This version supports some T:ANE textures as well as Windows 10 - there are some changes on the Open With side as well. This version also has a fix for texture.txt issues that was in 1.31, as well as a watermark option.

To download this tool, click here.

1.30 users - due to an issue affecting T:ANE textures on that version, please update to 1.31 or higher as 1.30 is no longer available.

Note to 1.20 users - this version has a change in how uniform colours are handled (using 1.16 handling logic) so it is advised that 1.20 users download and install this new version.

Additional Tools

No extra PEVSoft tools are required to run this, but to use the editing functions you will need a graphics editing program.

There is a console version of Images2TGA available that can directly replace the Texture2TGA in the Extras folder in TS2009/TS2010, available from here.


The tutorial for Images2TGA can be found here. (PDF file - requires Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, or a browser that can open PDF files directly)

Previous Versions

Images2TGA 1.32 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.31 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.29 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.27 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.26 - Download here 
Images2TGA 1.25 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.24 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.23 - Download here 
Images2TGA 1.22 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.20 - Download here
Images2TGA 1.18 - Download here
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