Jun 18, 2013
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Graphics Checker

Welcome to my Graphics Checker download page!

This simple tool currently checks what DirectX levels your graphics card(s) support(s), although I am planning to add OpenGL information to the tool in due course. The tool can check for DirectX 11 support, which will be useful for those who wish to run Trainz: A New Era in DirectX mode (which is currently the default mode)

The tool supports copying the generated report to the clipboard as well as saving it to a file (report.rtf in the folder where the tool is extracted to).

This tool requires .NET Framework 4 to operate. Download this from if you haven't already got it installed (you will get an error on startup if you haven't got it on your system).

Also, be aware that the tool may require administrator permissions to run. Right-click the tool and click Run as Administrator - this is for Windows Vista or later users.

The tool is packaged as a compressed (ZIP) file - to use, simply unzip the file and run the Graphics Checker program in the resulting folder. Note there are several DLL files - these are present to allow the application to perform the necessary checks.

If you have any issues running the tool, let me know via the Trainz Discussion Forums - my username on there is shaneturner12.


To download version 1.0, click the following link:

To download version 1.1 (latest version) which includes OpenGL support checks, click the following link: Checker

Norton Antivirus users - I am aware that the tool may be removed before you get chance to run it. This is due to a fault on Norton's (Symantec's) part, as I have tested my application prior to release and it has no malware present.

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