Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

The Tabs and their purpose

Here is a list of the different tabs,and what search they perform.

Current Search - this will show whatever search you are doing at the time.

Archived - This will show content that is in a known archive in Content Manager (.cmpa file). Search - Location:Archive.

Disabled - This will show you items that have been disabled. Search - Location:Disabled.

Download Station - This will show you content that is on the Download Station. Search - Location:Download Station.

Favourite Locos - This will show you the list of 'favourite' content (content that is rated 5 stars). Search - Rating:5 Stars.

Installed - This will show you content that is present on your system. Search -  Location:Local.

Locally Modified - This will show you content that has been modified since being downloaded. This can sometimes be as a result of overwriting an existing asset or modifying an existing asset. Search - Locally Modified: True.

Missing Dependencies - As the name states, this will display content with missing dependencies. Search - Missing Dependencies: True

My Content - Does as it says on the tin. It shows you content you have created. Search: Author=#(your user ID)

Open for Edit - This will show you assets which are open for edit and need committing into the database or reverting. Search - Open for Edit: True

Out of Date - This will show you all assets that are out of date (i.e. have newer versions available on the Download Station) whether they are on your system or not. Search - Out of Date: True

Today - This tab has two meanings depending on the type of content.

For assets on the Download Station

This will show you assets uploaded to the Download Station today.

For locally installed assets

This will show you assets installed,created, or modified today that are locally present.