Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

Understanding the various icons in search results

This page will detail what the various icons mean.

Icons used are copyright to N3V - I respect their copyright, and am only using the icons for indicative use.

Type Column

The icons here indicate the type of asset. Hover over the icon to find out what type it is.

Status Column

  This indicates the asset is built into the game.

  This indicates that the asset has been downloaded or imported into the game (i.e. not built in)

 This indicates that the asset can be downloaded from the Download Station.

  This indicates that the asset is obsolete. This means that a newer version of the asset is installed on your version.

  This indicates that the asset has been disabled. To reenable it,right-click the asset and click Enable/Disable.

  This indicates that the asset has a newer version available on the Download Station (out of date/update available)

  This should not appear very often, as it indicates an asset that is in an unknown location. Usually it appears with a KUID number - if it appears with an asset name, this indicates an asset that needs to be reinstalled.

  This indicates an asset that has been added to a Content Manager archive (.cmpa file)

  This indicates that the asset has been modified.

  This indicates that the asset is open for edit. If this is not intended, right click the asset, select Edit, then click either Revert or Commit depending on the reason for opening the asset for edit.

  This indicates that the asset is a clone of another asset. The asset will normally have your User ID as part of the KUID.

  This indicates that the asset is a Paintshed reskin - basically, it was created using Paintshed in TRS2006 or earlier.

  I am not sure on exactly what this icon means - according to sources, it indicates a reskinned asset.

  This indicates that the asset has missing dependencies - see here

 This indicates that the asst has faulty dependencies - see here

  This indicates that the asset has warnings. Warnings do not normally affect the behaviour or performance of an asset, unless it's a built-in asset that has been modified.

  This indicates that the asset is faulty. To find out the errors, right-click the asset and click View Errors (and Warnings). There is a thread in the TS2010 forum on the Trainz Discussion Forums (requires you to be logged in) that details common errors and how to fix them.

You may also notice the following icons on the bottom left of the large icon. Here are their meanings (note: these images have been enlarged, the actual icons are smaller) :

 This icon means that the asset is built to at least TS2009 standards.

 This icon means that there is one or more restrictions on the asset. The restrictions are:

  • Not having permission to open asset for edit/clone the asset (permit-edit 0)
  • Not having permission to commit the asset (permit-commit 0)
  • Asset not being shown on the in-game listings. (permit-listing 0)

This only works for assets that are built-in - assets from the Download Station are not affected by these restrictions (apart from possibly the third one).