Jun 18, 2013
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Running a command line database repair

Applicable Versions: TS2009, TS2010,TS12

NOTE: This is for users with some experience with Command Prompt, and only applies to TS2009 and above, although it may work with Trainz Classics (but there are no guarantees)

To do a database repair without using Content Manager:

Loading Command Prompt

Windows XP and earlier

1.Click Start, then Run.

2.Type in 'cmd' (Windows XP) or 'command' (earlier versions), then click OK.

(note: you need to be running as an admin user to do this)

Windows Vista/7

1.Click Start, then type 'command prompt' in the search box.

2.You should get 1 result: Command Prompt. Right-click this and click Run as administrator, then click Continue or Yes when prompted.

Doing the database repair

Once in the command prompt:

1.Type in "<trainz installation folder>/Bin/Trainzutil.exe" repairdatabase (replace <trainz installation folder> with the correct path to your Trainz installation folder, and make sure you include the " marks if there is a space in your Trainz install path. Also note there is a space between TrainzUtil.exe and repairdatabase, as some browsers do not show this space)


Non-spacing: C:/Trainz/Bin/TrainzUtil.exe repairdatabase

Spacing: "C:/Program Files/Trainz/Bin/TrainzUtil.exe" repairdatabase

You should have a screen looking similar to the following:

2.TrainzUtil will then repair the database - if using TS2009 SP4 or later, TADDaemon will also appear. Wait until the command prompt comes up with C:/> (or similar) on it's own.