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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...


"Cleaning up the parts that other software can't reach..."

On this page, there is a bit of information about AssetX, and where to download it from. See the bottom of the page for addon information.

AssetX is the brainchild of Andi Smith (andi06) who is the main coder for it, with some input from PEV.

This tool is a multipurpose toolkit designed to help upgrade, enhance, and fix Trainz assets so that they work correctly in later versions.


Scripting Language - allows extension of what AssetX can do, using simple commands - there is a section in the help file about this feature.
Ability to add external tools to view/edit most Trainz filetypes (both PevSoft tools and third-party tools).
Config.txt editing abilities - displays an asset's config.txt file in a tree format so that modifications can be made to it either manually or through the scripting feature.
CMPA and CDP viewing capabilities - through a tool available as part of the toolkit, the contents of CMPA and CDP files can be viewed.
Compatibility with TS12 - like other PEVSoft tools, this program supports all modern versions.

PEV publishes AssetX with Andi06's permission. In memory of Andi Smith

Downloading the tool
This tool can be downloaded from the following link:

Download Here

Current version is 3.3.


There are a few addons available for this program. For advice on how to install these addons, see the AssetX Wiki


Ian Woodmore's TARDIS range of AssetX scripts: Download from here
PEV's Simple Version Upgrade scripts: Download from here
Add TrainzUtil menu option to the AssetX Tools Menu - Download from here
Remove the TrainzUtil menu option - Download from here

Additional Tools

For best use of the program, the following PEVSoft tools are required:


The following tutorial/manual is available for AssetX, created by Andi06:

Asset-X Tutorial

Older Versions

The following older versions are available:

Version 3.2.1 - Download Here
Version 3.2 - Download Here
Version 3.0.2 - Download Here

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