Jun 18, 2013
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New User Guides - TS2009,TS2010 and TS12

Welcome to my guides for new users of Trainz Simulator 2009,Trainz Simulator 2010, and Trainz Simulator 12. For users of Trainz Simulator Mac and Trainz Railway/Railroad Simulator 2004/2006/Trainz Classics, some of this information may apply to you as well.

For some of these tutorials, it is required that you register your Trainz serial number with N3V. This can be done by visiting and filling in the form provided.

Installing Trainz - Possible Issues - This page is useful if you are having problems installing the game.
Running as Administrator - This is important if you are using the Starter, Home Basic, or Home Premium versions of Windows Vista or 7.
Updating DirectX - This is essential for getting full enjoyment out of certain Trainz features if you are using DirectX mode. It is also necessary to install Service Pack 3 for Trainz Simulator 2009.
Common Patching Errors - If you have had an error appear when patching the game, see this page for the reason behind the error.
Patching Tutorial - Home - See here if you are not sure how to patch the game.
Black/Multicolour Textures issue - See here if you are having problems with content that is appearing all black, all white, or in a garbled multicolour.
Content Updating in TS2009 and above - See here if you are not sure how to install newer versions of content installed in the game.
Content Manager Guide - See here if you are not sure how to use Content Manager, which is part of the later Trainz versions.
Running a Check Disk - This is useful if you are having problems with hard drive errors whilst running the game or installing patches.
FCT activation issues? - Use this if you have bought a First Class Ticket from N3V, and it's not activating properly.
Useful Links - Here is some useful links including the links for updating drivers for graphics cards.