Jun 18, 2013
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Information on where to find the PEVSoft tools...

Redistributable Version

This can be downloaded from

This one is a bit more complex, but may be needed if the computer running Trainz does not have an internet connection. You will need a system with an internet connection to download the file, then a USB stick or CD to copy it to the system running Trainz.

This version can also be used to save a copy of the DirectX files in case of a system re-install (be aware though, this version does not update itself so you may have to check the link every few months for updates.

To install this version:

1. Click the link above, then click Download on the page that appears.

2. A File Download box will appear:Click Save then save it to the desktop (it is nearly 100MB worth of file, so it may take a while on a slow connection).

--If this is not the Trainz system, you will need to copy the DirectX redistributable just downloaded over to the Trainz system at this point-

3.Create a folder on the desktop of the system running Trainz (which may or may not be the same system with the internet connection) for the DirectX installation files.

4.Run the file, selecting the folder you just created when asked where you want to extract the files to (make sure it's to the folder you created)


5.Open the folder you created, then run the dxsetup.exe file inside (there will be a load of .cab files, a few other files, and the dxsetup.exe file)

NOTE: the file may just be called dxsetup, if Windows is set to hide filename extensions)

6. An installation wizard will then appear: click to accept the license agreement then click Next.

7. The next screen will then inform of what will be installed - click Next.

8. The update will start automatically: click Finish when it is done. The update is now complete.

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